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Blogs: Why I think Jetsurfing is a revolution waiting to happen




Why Jetsurfing Could Be The Next Big Thing In The World of Watersports

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 September, 2017 -There is a lot of talk, both on surfing and watersports pages and in the gadget and tech world, about motorized surfboards of 'jetboards'. For a lot of us in the surfing community, these new devices that are part board, part jet ski, have inspired quite a lot of curiosity, and even those of us who are purists and all about wanting to hit the waves on a simple board admit they'd kind of like to have a go on one. However, there are a number of reasons why the jetsurf revolution may well happen, creating a whole new niche in both recreational and competitive surfing for us to enjoy.

What Does Jetsurfing Actually Involve?

While the invention and production of jet-propelled surfboards sounds like something that would almost certainly have come out of a major surfing hub, perhaps on the west coast, in Australia or Hawaii, in actual fact one of the biggest names in jetsurf is a New York-based business you can find at The idea behind their boards is to take precision engineering developed by people who usually work on things like Moto GP bikes and Formula 1 cars – basically some of the fastest things on land – and apply it to surfboards. The boards are shorter than conventional surfboards with places to strap in your feet (and grab on with hands when needed), making them resemble snowboards in some ways. The motor is controlled using a handheld device connected to the board, so you can essentially surf as normal and control your jet without having to move anything other than your fingers.

Surfing When There's No Surf

There are a few reasons why jetsurfing is catching on, but perhaps the most significant is that you can use it on flat water and still have fun. If you are passionate about surfing or simply enjoy the thrill of riding a board around on the water, now you can do it even if there is no good surf today, or if you like to surf on vacation but the only body of water near you is a lake, you can still enjoy your favorite sport without having to travel.

An Extra Challenge for Experienced Surfers

Another reason why jetsurfing may well become bigger is that it allows existing surfers to give themselves something new to master and have fun with. Normally, once you are a decent surfer, the new challenges come with the conditions and the competition, but mastering jetsurfing gives you something new to achieve that you can work on pretty much whenever you like.

Some might be put off the idea of adding an engine to a surfboard, believing that it should just be the waves and our bodies that make surfing work. However, jetsurfing certainly does resolve some of the problems that can make surfing impractical at times, and also give us something new and thrilling that we can play around with!




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