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Clip catches shark swimming under surfers in Australia

Byron Bay Shark Encounter © Broshar's Adventures



Shark Updates

Footage emerges of a shark mixing with surfers at Byron Bay

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 November, 2016 - The Pass in Byron Bay is now home to the latest viral internet clip thanks to clear water, a shark, some surfers and travel vlogger Derik Broshar

In the clip a shark investigates the shallows as surfers within just a couple of feet scramble for waves, apparently oblivious to their proximity with the toothy fish. The shark's silhouette is clearly visible through the famed crystal clear water of Byron Bay.

Broshar told the Daily Mirror he watched on as the shark made its way toward the group of surfers and hung out for about a minute before swimming off. At one point a man surfs right over the shark as another paddles over the shoulder.

'We were looking down at all the surfers having a good time, and we saw this shark," Mr Broshar told The Northern Star.

"There were a few guys trying to whistle down but it was a little windy so you couldn't really hear us from that far up. It just slowly moves in towards the surfers and you can kinda of hear some people in the background say, 'We should warn them.'"

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