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Surfer bitten as Balian Beach shark activity increases

Reef shark © Edward Callaghan/CreativeCommons



Shark Updates

Small shark bites surfer on the hand after bumping others

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 January, 2017 - A 48-year-old Australian surfer was bitten on the hand, an injury that required medical treatment, while surfing at Balian Beach, a popular spot in Bali.

The surfer was rushed to BIMC for treatment for a bite that mostly affected his fingers.

“He was bitten on the right hand from below wrist to across all 5 fingers,” Twiggy Van Ryan told Coconuts Bali.

Van Ryan also told the news service that there are quite a few sharks in the area and they have been investigating surfers. He added that himself and at least one other surfer in the lineup were struck by a shark a few minutes before the hand-bite incident.

“(We were) bumped about two minutes apart, all in the area of the bite incident.”

Van Ryan reported that the day before a shark had bumped another surfer.

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