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Ted Grambeau launches new book of photographs



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Four decades of constant travel, adventure and photography wrapped up in latest hardcover

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 February, 2018 - Master photographer Ted Grambeau has just released his latest book of photography called "Adventures In Light."

How do you put more than 40 years of photography and stories into the pages of a book? This was my challenge. With literally thousands of slides, rolls of film and digital images to search through, hundreds of tales, stories and memories to share; a task greater than one man could accomplish. 

Luckily I know some really talented creatives that helped make my vision a reality. And here we are today getting ready to launch my new book titled 'Ted Grambeau + Adventures in Light'.

The brief was to 'create a book that will communicate my photographic evolution. Where each image needs to be chosen on it's photographic merit or story telling prowess. Featuring iconic images of Rip Curl’s early Search trips, photographs of perfect waves to high fashion, insightful portraiture to fine art, and pages filled with exotic travels.

Make it a luxurious photography book that could grace even the finest of coffee tables and the grandest of book shelfs, like a timeless classic indulgent with every turn of a page'.

'I'm happy to share that with the help of my amazing friends and powered by Rip Curl, we have made the journey together and created a book that I'm proud to now share with you'.


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