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Be Kind Rewind: Dolphin crashes, TV surfing & sharks




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Dolphin crashes, Wedge backwash, TV surfing and invisible-surfboard surfing make for heavily shared clips

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 June, 2017 - The proliferation of clips on the inter web has ensured that we saw - in addition to jaw dropping, breathtaking, bowel-loosening death waves - a lot of quirky, fun and not-so-fun shenanigans this year.

Some of the favourite links to be shared about the office included super from Sabre Norris giving her dad a hard time on national TV, an inventive surfer converting and riding a flat-screen TV into a twin-fin and a suicidal dolphin taking out a West Oz grom.

The below compilation of clips are some of our favourites from the offices here at Surfersvillage.

Surfing Flat Screen:


Sabre Norris on the Today Show:


Barefoot Greenscreen Surfing: 


Wedge crash party


Shark swims under surfer at Byron Bay:


Dolphin jumps on grom:



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