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UWL partners in launch of session data collecting surfboard



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Surfboard will record data and feed it to app

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 December, 2017 - UWL Surfboards has partnered with the project Slide-R, created by Loic Griffie of Surf'in Company. SLIDE-R is being touted as the first fully "connected" surfboard to the general public. A sensor weighing just a few grams is built directly into the board to collect key data on the athlete’s use and performance. The entire manufacturing process of all electronic and surfboard components is carried out in France.

With an operating life of 580 hours, the sensor continuously recharges due to a photovoltaic panel placed on the top side of the board. Data is automatically recorded as soon as the athlete hits the water. Surfers can therefore fully concentrate on the sport without worrying about recharging the device, turning it on, or downloading the data collected - which is also automatically and instantaneously retrieved by an application.




The components company teamed up with UWL- Surfboards, the French surfboard designer with a pan-European reputation.

"We worked with the engineers of the company Ob’dO Contact Agile, who are specialized in connected objects for sports," the company said in a statement. "We did not want to simply create a sensor to install on a surfboard, but instead wished to redesign the board by building the sensor directly into it. During the past two years of R&D, our main goal was to design an innovative, autonomous and ergonomic tool that is adapted to the needs and wishes of surfers both amateur and professional."

The project has launched a special Slide-R Kickstarter Page



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